My name is Heather. My background is as a wedding photographer, with my partner, where I discovered I loved playing around in photoshop and started making poster images for fun. I’m inspired by the people I photograph, their interests and passions.

I love creating something truly unique with and for my customers. I also enjoy the reactions of their loved ones to seeing them in a movie poster!

My Work

Showing back of camera to customer

I get to know my clients’ interests, what inspires them, to find their ‘movie’. Then I set up a photography shoot. After the shoot I sort, retouch, mask and composite the photos to create the final piece. I have a relaxed and informal approach, as I want to put my clients at ease and have fun with it, this always gives the best results. I want my service to be a great experience from the shoot, to sharing the final result.


The final image is produced from compositing retouched images from the photography shoot, with backgrounds and elements, often created from scratch


On location or mobile studio, I have the equipment to set up a photo shoot with you anywhere.

Portable Studio


Disney Retouch

A demonstration of the how far a retouch can go! Removing all lines and reshaping the face into a portrait that looks like an illustration rather than a photo. Movie posters used to be created as illustrations, moving to photography in the 1960s; today posters often recreate this ‘illustrated’ look for certain genres, though the image is created digitally.

Left ImageRight Image

Hollywood Retouch

A less fantastical retouch, retaining recognisable features and still looking like a photo, but with added glamour and that CGI effect. This retouch helps blend photography with Computer generated elements in an image, fake backgrounds, special effects, lighting and typeface.

Left ImageRight Image

Natural Retouch

For a natural photgraphic portrait, retouching removes any blemishes or skin tones that are deemed temporary – for example pimples, red skin, shadows under the eyes. A retouch looks like you on your best day, with the same results as natural make-up.

Left ImageRight Image

Other Work

My skills transfer to other applications, restoration, beauty retouching, fixing photos by adding people or removing background objects, etc. Get in touch if you think I can help you out with something – you have nothing to lose by asking!

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