Creating a Comic Book from photos

This blog is about creating a comic book effect from photos taken at a Brighton elopement. Alex and Chris wanted to see the graffitti after the ceremony, which gave us a unique and super cool photography session. This blog goes into the detail of creating the effect using Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer software with links to resources.

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Creating Steam Circus

This was one of my first composites, which I recently remade to use the skills I’ve picked up in the past couple of years for the technical bits. I learned a lot in the process, reviewing the project with the clarity of hindsight.

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Creating a Lego Movie Poster

During the portrait session at James and Emily’s Wedding, they mentioned a favourite family photo where James was playing at being James Bond, and they wanted to get a sequel. The wedding was lego-themed, so I had a posed photo and a poster theme ready to go!

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